To Cap it all Off

Green Travels, Israel

DSC03221This, to me, looks like a murder scene. Usually the iconic red cap symbolizes “opening happiness” but here it looks like a corpse mummified in the cracked dry remains of a once lush and very wet pond. The water dried up to reveal the dark and disgusting secrets that laid hidden beneath it; trash.

Jordan Valley, Israel


Where did the Fish Go?

Green Travels, Thailand

DSC09126This is one of many diesel fueled motor boats rushing about Bangkok’s waterways. The exhaust from the engines only add to the water polluted by so many other components including the abuse it’s faced being used as a garbage disposal by the government, millions of civilians and tourists.

Bangkok, Thailand

Poisoned Serenity

Green Travels, Israel


Pollution can do incredible things, for instance turning the Jordan River bright, toxic, green. She went for a dip to escape the extreme temperature of the sun in the Golan Heights mid-summer, under less extreme circumstances I don’t think she’d have been so keen to hop in. If left un-dealt with soon even nearing the water won’t be an option and Israel and Jordan will be facing a crisis they may not see coming.

Jordan River, Israel

Green Travels Photo Series

Green Travels

The Green Travels photography series is composed of 10 photographs from around the world, taken throughout my travels, that show a factor, unfortunately, every country has in common; pollution. It’s everywhere and it must and can be stopped, this is one of my contributions to the awareness and prevention of the destruction of our planet.